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As we head into the holiday season and the end of 2018, we want to spend some time to reflect on all that we are thankful for.  The officers and Board of Directors are thankful for your continued support and participation.  We are grateful for the opportunities to get to know all of you better as we learn and grow together.   Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

 We would like to share some of the things we are thankful for.

From the pumpkin pie winners:
*Life is Fun (Michael Chen)
*Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for teachers! (Qin Zhuang)
*--Thankful for my wonderful partner
  --Thank you for all our member support
  --Thank Mike & Cece, Derek & Debbie, for sharing dance techniques and love for our group (Haleen)
*Happy Thanksgiving day.  Happy everyone! (Calvin)
*I'm thankful for our great instructors. (Kathy Uyehara)
*Happy Thanksgiving, we are thankful for family and friends. (Mike & Cece)
*We have the best dance instructors.  No other clubs can beat you. (Cho Chang)
*"Thank you" Ala Wai dance, I enjoy very much. (Charlene Young)
*Thankful I'm still standing.  (Carlos Higashide)
*I am happy dance(r) (Fumiko Patterson)
*Family & Friends & Dance (Bill Pang)
*I am thankful for my family, friends, and good health! (Yuko Takeda)
*Happy Forever (Louise)
*Thanks (to) the Almighty for all things.  (Violet)
  To the FOA teachers, thanks a lot.  Love, Violet
*I really thank (for) supporting me (to) keep dancing and help my knee get better (Johnson)
*I'm thankful for a healthy body, sound mind & good friends. (Vina)
*Happy Thanksgiving (Siu Keung Tsang)
*Very thankful for my DP "Plus one" (Jim Tung)
*For Susie! (Jerry Wilson)
*Thank you for our instructor ("Pamella")
*Life (Ninon R)
*I'm thankful for the chance to in a pumpkin pie!!! (Sharon Ming)
*Thankful for Friends of Ala Wai (Somxay Khautakoun)
*Dance is the best, I love it!!  Thank you (Sandy)
*Happy Thanksgiving.  Aloha (Love) for all of us. (Hisako)
*Thankful for FOA instructors and class dancers that make dancing fun! (Gwyned Lum)
*I love your spending time with us (Annie :)
*Thankful for my left nostril (Jeffrey the Barak)
*I'm thankful for this wonderful Wednesday's dance class.  I like it very much! (Ching Lan Wang)
*I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who likes music, dance, and choir and also for family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  (Jane Chong)
*Thankful for Wednesday nite fun & friends (Lily)
*Great wife (Doug Yee)
*Thank you (for) my daughter (Jennifer Lin)
*I am so thankful to be able to dance with all of you, and especially with Friends and loved ones.  (Atlas)
*I am grateful to be above the ground (Jerry Braun)
*I'm grateful for being healthy, my greatest wealth! (Gayle Handa)
*Thanks for Thanksgiving, teacher (Joseph Cho)
*Thankful for good health, good friends, family and ballroom dancing (Ruth)
*So thankful for the wonderful dance community which keeps us "young" and active! (Love, Chiye)
*I am thankful for all of the blessings God has brought into my life and the opportunities He has given me to serve Him. (Earl Yonehara)
*Thankful for another Thanksgiving (Wes)
*I'm thankful to dance with Evelyn (Ron Ching)
*I am thankful for my husband, Ron Ching (Evelyn)
*Love (Hiroko)
*Potlucks!! (Kelly Siu)
*I'm thankful that I'm able to be here this year again and dance w/ohana-Friends of Ala Wai (Midori)
*I am thankful(for) my good health (Don Chong)
*Thank you for everything (Richard)
*I am thankful for being able to enjoy dancing and also enjoying family & friends. (Doug T.)
*I'm thankful for good health, family, friends & for our FOAW Family! Oh, and Debra's candy. (Brad)

Thanksgiving 2018 Messages

*For the life God has provided me with.  (Pat Y.)
*FOAW (Atlas III)
*Good friends & Good health (Bill Loo)
*I am thankful for the generosity of others, including everybody here at Friends of Ala Wai.  :  (Van Anh)
*Thank you for all (Tsuyako)
*Thankful for dancing instructors, and thankful to God (Sun Hee Kwak)
*Thankful for music, rhythm & dancing! (Richard H.)
*Thankful for our grandkids:  Olivia, Cadence, & Aaron. (Mona)
*I am thankful to have a great dance club-Friends of Ala Wai (Alan)
*I'm thankful that I can still keep rockin' (almost) (Jack R.)
*For the pilgrims (Neal)
*I am thankful for family, friends, and God who loves me and for Friends of Ala Wai. (Mari)
*I am thankful for the teachers and Leaders of FOAW.  Thank you for blessing us.  : (Lora)
*Thank you for my beautiful wife, good health, and great friends.  (Derek)
*I am thankful to God for my wonderful husband and for all the blessings I receive daily and the great people I've met through dancing! (Debbie)
*Thankful for the hard working FOAW Board Members and Teachers! (Ki)

*Thank you for Ala wai dancing class
*For all the staff, thank you for all year for your work!
*I am thankful for family, good friends, good health & life in the United States!

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